Brazil will help save humanity as health authorities confirm volunteers for the trial vaccine of Coronavirus by Oxford!

The vaccine from Oxford University and AstraZeneca are the first of all COVID-19 vaccines to go towards Phase-II in Brazil

Anvisa, Brazil’s health regulation council, recently approved mass clinical trials of the new vaccine from Oxford. Scientists from Oxford University and the organization- AstraZeneca Plc is leading the trial Coronavirus cure. The rise of COVID-19 pandemic all around the world needs a stop right now because the transmission rates are increasing every day. The epidemic is currently raging all across Europe mainland and America, so the scientists chose Brazil to test their trial vaccines.

This is mainly because the COVID-19 epidemic is still rife in the country. It is the right place to test the trial cure. The vaccine from Oxford University and AstraZeneca are the first of all COVID-19 vaccines to go towards Phase-II. The mid-stage trials are only beginning with the new drug. Another US-based biotech company, Moderna Inc. is trying to carry on their own development in Phase III trials.

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Coronavirus vaccine: ChAdOx1 may cure Brazil now

Right now researchers from Oxford are trying to enter controlled Phase-III trials in Brazil. Anvisa says that the researchers will get access to a mass population to test their products. In these hard times, one needs to understand that only humans have the power to save humans. The non-replicating ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine is showing all signs to be a help for humanity, against the deadly pandemic.

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The Federal University of Sao Paulo will be carrying on the testing phase with an initial phase of 2000 volunteers from the South American country. However, Oxford researchers will work closely with them in order to help in every step and finalize the product. Hopefully, we will have access to a vaccine by the year-end.

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