Breaking News: Researchers come up with a new smart ring that helps to detect Coronavirus before any symptoms

A new Fitbit is out in the market! The Oura Ring will help detect if you have Coronavirus through contact tracing

Your smartwatch or Fitbit can measure a lot of physical activity of your body. However, none of these gadgets have the potential to detect COVID-19 contamination before the onset of symptoms. Researchers are currently trying to come up with a device that can signal a person when he is at a crucial stage of contracting the coronavirus. Scientists from the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine recently created a health-based digital platform. This platform will actually help you connect to the Oura ring and an AI system.

The application will help predict the oncoming symptoms like fever cough and breathing problems. The results will predict up to 3 days beforehand and with 90% accuracy. Recently the Scripps research institute also mobilized more than 30000 people to participate in the study. All of these devices have the potential to identify asymptomatic carriers of Coronavirus.

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Oura Ring: The wearable device to detect Coronavirus

The latest research highlights how some wearable devices, developed initially for fitness and recreation uses can be adapted for important medical research.

Apple has begun studies on how its smartwatch can detect heart problems. And Fitbit has been working with some 500 different projects for research on cancer, diabetes, respiratory, and other health issues. Scientists say wearables can provide data on body temperature, heart and respiratory rates, sleep and activity patterns, and other indicators that can be used as diagnostic tools. However, researchers from Stanford University announced plans in April to participate in research on wearables, in collaboration with Scripps, for Covid-19 and other diseases.

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Oura Ring might actually be able to help detect more people because of its new AI system. Let us know what you have to say about this in the comments section below!

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