Can Coronavirus get to the International Space Station? See what NASA said!!

Coronavirus to ISS

We all know that America ranks top in coronavirus infection. In this lethal situation, NASA nurse Raksana Batsmanova assures the chances for the COVID-19 to get into the international space station is nil. This is because of the enhanced security measures undertook by the space agencies.

Batsmanova has been providing medical assistance to astronauts during their space launches and landings. She has been working with NASA for almost 10 years. “Currently, all the efforts of space agencies are aimed at preventing the entry of any virus onto the ISS, including the coronavirus,” says Batsmanova. Who has also been a senior nurse of the clinic ‘European Medical Center. She is also a nurse at International SOS informs Russian news agency Sputnik in an interview.

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Batsmanova assures the safety of ISS from Coronavirus

“Taking into account the enhanced security measures, the chances for the coronavirus to get on the ISS are slim to none,” She said. She informs us that the astronauts and cosmonauts are self-isolated for a period of time before flying to the ISS. She stresses out the things used in this program are disinfected completely.

“During a pandemic, these measures have been strengthened several times. Quarantine measures for astronauts and cosmonauts have been extended. Quarantine measures have been introduced for everyone who works with them, personal communication is limited. This includes the media, and the number of teams working directly with astronauts has been reduced,” Batsmanova, pointed out.

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“Under no circumstances should any virus get onto the ISS, because the station has a closed-loop and its own atmosphere, and the crew is far from the ground. Today all the tough measures necessary for this are being followed,” Batsmanova concluded.

As of now, COVID-19 has infected more than 755,000 people and killed more than 36,000, across the globe. This statement is given by Johns Hopkins University’s real-time tracker.

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