Can talking loudly spread Coronavirus? Study shows the droplets of your saliva stay in air!


The Coronavirus pandemic is apparently not only spreading through direct human contact. A recent study shows a video where you can see even speaking can spread coronavirus. But one does not need to speak loudly to do the same. The research suggests that even speaking calmly can produce droplets that stay suspended in the air.

But these small particles known as fomites can enter the nasal canal of other people. This, in turn, causes all sorts of communicable diseases, because direct contamination is taking place. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is present in the air in the form of Aerosols. Mathew Meselson, a biologist at Harvard University says, “particles come out in the form of spit when people talk. But the spit need not fall directly on the other person. Because these aerosols stay in the air for a long time.”

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Is the Coronavirus Airborne?

Droplets generated during speech produced flashes as they passed through the light sheet in this experiment. This image shows frame 361 from the video, the point at which the highest number of speech droplets occurred.

A laser visualization of people talking was conducted by the said researcher. But the result is not very positive, because now the question arises whether the virus is airborne. Previously studies showed that the Coronavirus is transmitted through the direct human transmission. But now it seems like the coronavirus can spread simply through talking.

Large viral particles come out when talking loudly or sneezing. This, in turn, leaves the other person at grave danger. Meselson says ” we are not sure about the current conditions of transmission, so wearing a mask is a safe option. ” While talking small particles spread in the air which do not settle for a very long time. These particles are then carried around by the help of air currents.

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Whether the virus is still transmitted only through direct contamination or is it airborne, is not known for sure. Stay safe and wear a mask wherever you go. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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