Can you complete NASA’s 2020 challenge? NASA wants you to simulate the first Space Station mission for SpaceX in the ‘Kerbal Space Program’

Kerbonauts, we have a mission for you! On May 27, SpaceX and NASA are launching astronauts to the Space Station from U.S. soil!

NASA is ready to go on with the most historic launch from SpaceX. The Crew Dragon Launch will take place on May 27, 2020. It will mark the first time in history when American Astronauts will launch into space from US soil since 2011. The Private Division along with NASA has successfully created a challenge on its new game ‘Kerbal Space Program‘. The challenge is to simply simulate the SpaceX mission in the game. This is more of an effort by NASA in order to scout potential recruits.

The Kerbal Space Program is not your usual shooting, running, or dashing adventure games. It is more of a real-life space simulation, where you need to understand engine dynamics, and space physics in order to pass missions. At the very least you need foundational knowledge on Physics, otherwise, you will not be able to pass the same at all.

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SpaceX Crew Dragon: The Kerbonaut challenge

SpaceX Demo 2 mission will finally launch the much-awaited Falcon 9 rocket. It will contain the Crew Dragon capsule which is used to carry NASA astronauts to space. NASA is currently running a STEM contest of its own to simulate the DEMO 2 mission. The “Ride to Station challenge 2020” calls on people to build a virtual simulation of the mission.

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To enter, kids need to start a mission by completing the Ride to Station app (where they’ll select a crew, build a rocket and launch), then visit NASA’s Crew Orbital Docking Simulation to create a space capsule docking game. Finally, kids can share a screenshot of the CODing Sim on social media with the hashtag Launch America to enter.

In this Coronavirus pandemic, the United States Air Force is also busy launching a Boeing X-37 rocket to space. However, proper health measures are taken in all of these missions. Let us know what you have to say about these missions in the comments section below.

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