Can you get Coronavirus from your cat? Research shows cats are ‘silent transmitters’ and can spread COVID-19


New research is suggesting a different view of the cats staying in your households. The study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests a cat as a carrier of COVID-19. Apparently they are “silent-transmitters” of the deadly Coronavirus. The research carefully studies the airborne transmission of the virus between cats.

The experiment uses cats administered with COVID-19 infection and ones without the infection. This is mainly because the researchers want to understand the spread of the virus from infected cats to healthy ones. Researchers use rectal and nasal swabs on a regular basis to test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, within 3 days all of the carts showed signs of Coronavirus.

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Coronavirus transmission through a cat

In the experiment, all 6 cats tested positive for COVID-19, but none of them showed any symptoms of the infection. There was no fluctuation in body temperatures, no change in weight, or any presence of eye disease. But still, the cats tested positive for the virus.

This further proves the point that cats are “silent carriers” of Coronavirus. Till now there is no official confirmation to show if a human can contract the disease from a cat. But further research is needed to investigate the potential chain of the human-cat-human transmission cycle of Coronavirus. Previous studies have shown that humans can transmit COVID-19 to cats.

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It is advisable to keep all your pets under quarantine from now on. It is too much risk to let them be free in the face of the unknown. Let us know what you think about this research in the comments section below!

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