Can your contact lens trace, treat, and cure diabetes? Research shows retinopathy helps cure diabetes through eyes!

Contact Lens

Diabetes cases are on rising day by day around the world. The tests involved in order to test diabetes are also invasive in nature. But recent research is ready to provide a much safer procedure for all diabetics. Now diabetics can easily monitor their health status just by a blink of an eye. Thanks to the new Contact lens retinopathy, people can now test for diabetes without an invasive instrument. The reports are also available almost instantly and wirelessly.

This new invention serves as a diabetic testing and tracing kit as an alternative to invasive blood tests. Future innovations will allow the contact lens to wirelessly and locally dispense medicine through the contact lens. This medicine will enter through the eye using retinopathy.

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How does the Contact lens retinotherapy work?

The innovative technology actually monitors sugar levels through your blood flow behind your eyelids.  Because the eyes are a house to millions of blood vessels along with nerve endings. This helps instantly warn the user about high blood sugar levels or low blood sugar levels.

The research article shows that these lenses can serve as an on-demand treatment for your eyes. This helps treat complicated illnesses like diabetes retinopathy, which includes damage to the blood vessels presents just behind the eyes. If the medicine can be given locally it is better for treatment.

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But the most important feature is the absence of maintaining a dosage schedule. The lens knows when to administer which medicine. So things will happen automatically without the need for any external intervention.

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