Carbon Dioxide levels are now higher than the past 23 million years, see what scientists say

Carbon Dioxide
The current readings of CO2 concentration are worse than the Pliocene era and the middle Miocene era.

The level of carbon dioxide in the air is a basic way to make people aware of climatic conditions. Climate change is a serious topic and the public needs to be aware of it. But, apparently, people don’t care until and unless there are some statistics to back your theory. Recently a group of researchers from the University of Louisiana studied the current climate condition. Interestingly, the results are not in favor of life.

The current readings show that the concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the air is not at 1 million years high. In fact, the levels of CO2 in our air are at a record 23 million years high. the team is using fossilized remains of ancient plants in order to carbon date and compare CO2 concentrations from different timelines.

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Carbon Dioxide Concentration at an all-time high

The research study takes into consideration two isotopes of carbon, i.e. carbon-12 and carbon-13 which helps determine the amount of CO2 in air. The research is available in the journal, Geology, which shows a study measuring the relative amount of these carbon isotopes in fossil plant materials.

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Many researchers believed that the amount of CO2 rise in the air was comparable to 1 million years ago. But now everything is put into perspective as the reading is quite dangerous for our planet. This abrupt rise in the concentration levels will lead to a drastic change in terms of global warming. The current readings are worse than the Pliocene era (almost 5 million years ago) and the middle Miocene era (almost 17 million years ago). Fixing this reading will take a lot of time and effort.

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