CDC gives false information about immunity of infants from Coronavirus, US reports multiple cases of infant COVID-19 infection


The United States is facing a challenge with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The age group of the infection is normally within 10 and 70, with a few exceptions. But recent studies are showing a completely different scenario. According to the CDC guidelines, it is nearly impossible for the mother to infect her child. But recent reports show that many infants have contracted the disease from their mothers.

On April 23, 2020, an infant from West Virginia reports a case of Coronavirus infection. The Logan County Department of Health is treating the 4-month-old newborn who has a Coronavirus infection. But it seems like the virus entered her body through the respiratory tract.

Currently, the country is facing a lot of economical burdens. To ease a few lockdowns restriction, Republican Government, Jim Justice, is planning to reopen the state’s economy. But the state will ease the hospital restrictions only if they have enough protective equipment. This movement is welcomed by the people due to an increase in a testing capacity.

But currently, the Government is unwilling to provide any specific details on how the restrictions will be lifted. In Logan County schools remain closed for the entire year. For the majority of the people out there the Coronavirus causes mild health problems including few respiratory ailments.

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Infant recovering from Coronavirus

A 4-month-old Logan County girl is recovering at home with her parents after testing positive for COVID-19. Haley Cooper says her newborn daughter, Delilah, was tested on Monday. But she soon revied diagnosis on Tuesday after beginning to show symptoms from last week.

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It is easy for the baby to contract the virus. Anything around the house that they would be coming in contact with that, you would be disinfecting that. Maybe even laundering certain items that they play with. Maybe they have fabric items like a toy or doll, something of that nature that you could launder, you would want to do something with that.

But the real question is whether her mother is an asymptomatic carrier or not. Let us know what you think about this in the comments section.

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