CDC says this flu season is the longest in the 10 years!!

This year 2019 flu season is a record breaker. 

 this flu season is the longest in the 10 years
 This flu season is the longest in the 10 years

The summer is coming – flowers are starting to blossom, and flu season is over. Am I right? But..but wait, you don’t trust that Americans are still suffering from influenza or commonly known as flu.

According to weekly flu report released Friday (April 13) by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – there have been 21 weeks of high flu activity detailed in the United States amid the 2018-2019 flu season.

And according to Health Communication Specialist at CDC, Kristen Nordlund, this multi-week longer than the previous 10-year, which occurred in the 2014-2015 season and lasted 20 weeks, she said that – In terms of length, this season has been record-breaking.

Actually, lead of CDC’s Domestic Influenza Surveillance team, Lynnette Brammer said-we have one reason for the long flu season is that two types of flu viruses surfaced at various times. Means toward the start of the season was H1N1 transcendent, and when H1N1 went down, H3N2 viruses went up,” he included – We had two distinct waves of influenza this year 2019. 

Dr. Arnold Monto, the University of Michigan researcher said – I don’t recollect a season this way.

Up to 41.3 million people showed flu symptoms, with up to 19.4 million people visiting the doctor and as numerous as 610,000 hospitalized, this season. While flu cases are declining and doctors say the virus can still spread even in the warmer weather.

Lynnette Brammer said – on the off chance that you have flu-like symptoms, there’s a decent chance you do have flu.

The most essential thing to anticipate spreading the virus-like washing hands and staying at home, And according to the CDC everybody 6 months or more seasoned to get vaccinated against the flu. As long as flu is circulating in the zone where you live then don’t past the point where it is possible to get vaccinated.

What are the symptoms and Causes of influenza? 

Influenza viruses
Influenza viruses

Influenza is a viral infection that attacks your respiratory system means your nose, throat, and lungs. Influenza that is known as the flu. Its common symptoms are Fever over 38 C, Aching muscles, Chills and sweats, Headache Dry-persistent cough, Fatigue and weakness, Nasal congestion and Sore throat.

Flu is caused by influenza viruses that movement through the air in droplets when someone with the infection coughs, sneezes or we talks. You breathe in the droplets directly, or you can pick up the germs from an object like as telephone or computer keyboard and then transfer them to your eyes, nose or mouth.

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