China found a mysterious green jelly on the moon! Scientists find out surprising facts

China releases information about a mysterious green jelly found on Moon

China sent the Yutu-2 rover on the moon in order to find aliens before NASA. With the news about the NASA Perseverance rover and NASA Curiosity rover making its debut for finding aliens, people forgot about the mysterious findings by China. A very peculiar, gel-like substance found on the surface of the moon by China’s Yutu-2 rover has been identified by scientists. The substance looks almost like some kind of a green jelly that came right out of a sci-fi movie.

However, this is not a very recent discovery. The substance, which was a dark greenish color and glistened, was discovered on the far side of the moon in July 2019. It was first noticed by Yu Tianyi, the main member of the drive team. He saw the green-gel like matter at the edge of the impact crater and contacted mission scientists, who then decided to reroute the rover to investigate further.

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China finds a hint of alien life on Moon

According to the Chinese language journal publication Our Space, the substance was very different from the surrounding soil. Mission scientists are now trying to figure out exactly what the mysterious material is. The researchers have now published their analysis of the substance in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

This is a large lunar impact crater in the southern hemisphere on the moon’s far side. It is part of a much larger impact crater called the South Pole Aitken (SPA) basin, which is around 1,600 miles wide and eight miles deep. The gel sample was a patch measuring 20 inches by 6 inches and resemble impact melt breccia, a type of rock that forms through an impact event, samples returned from the Apollo missions.

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