China lifts 76-day lockdown on Wuhan as people calm down from the Coronavirus pandemic!

Wuhan Lockdown

Wuhan, the ground-zero of the COVID-19 pandemic, is finally free of all its restrictions. China has just lifted the 76-day lockdown on Wuhan, as the city continues to emerge from a deadly outbreak of the virus.

But even as Wuhan reopens after such a long time, some restrictions will remain in place. Officials warn that the threat of spreading the contagious infection still remains. Wuhan, the city of 11 million people, is the original epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak. The city was completely sealed off starting from January 23, 2020.

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Today, all healthy residents and visitors can finally leave Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province. All highway entrances reopen today, and all trains and flights also resume.

Wuhan’s railway authority estimate roughly more than 55,000 people will leave the city on Wednesday by train. Around 40% of the population will go to the Pearl River Delta region in search of jobs. The easing of all flight instructions in Wuhan is China’s latest international milestone.

Luo Ping, Wuhan’s epidemic control officer, says ” this marks a full restart of all our social and economic activities”. But he warns that the city needs to curb the spread of local infections. The reopening of Wuhan does not mean “all-clear“, neither does it mean a relaxation of pandemic prevention and control measures.

Normalcy returns to Wuhan amid Restrictions

In the last few weeks, life in Wuhan has returned to some kind of normalcy. Residents have a government-assigned green QR code on their mobile phone meaning they’re healthy. Healthy individuals can now travel and go back to work. 

In residential places with no COVID-19 cases for 14 days a single person is given the green QR code. This person can leave the household for 2 hours a day. On March 25, public busses were started and shortly after, trains became operational too. The country is slowly coming to speed.

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For the time being, citizens should remain vigilant towards the epidemic. Do not go out unless it is necessary. Always wear a mask and protect yourself properly. Health experts say the public should continue to practice caution. With the global pandemic raging, China is still not in the end. Asymptomatic carriers are a growing concern. These people are still infectious and are in self-quarantine.

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