Beware because Chinese Hackers are started hacking your android phones after India’s TikTok ban

China retaliates India’s digital airstrike! Aims to hack Android phones

China is currently attacking the world digitally through android phones after the digital strike on the country by India. The recent ban of TikTok in India is a big loss for the country and they are supposedly looking for revenge. Even though the Chinese government may not be involved in this there is a Chinese cybercrime group out there that is using a new version of Android malware to step user data using SMS messages.

The Chinese company called FakeSpy launched the malware which is an information stealer that reads the device contact lists and account information to extract financial and application data.

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Chinese malware attacks Android phones worldwide

The latest Chinese phone malware campaign is targeting users of mobile postal service and transportation apps globally. Some of the postal and transportation apps include the US Postal Service, Japan Post, Royal Mail (United Kingdom), La Poste (France) and Deutsche Post (Germany), amongst others.

The firm published outcomes of the investigation in a report titled ‘FakeSpy Masquerades as Postal Service Apps Around the World’.

The malware threat actors use postal service themes in their SMS messages. For example, the user will get a pretext such as ‘missed delivery’ or ‘your package can be collected at’. The message is most likely to have a download link for a fake postal service or delivery service app.

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This malware is very similar to that of the ‘I Love You’ bug of windows. Just like that bug this malware device infiltration too depends on a technique known as social engineering. Let us know what you have to say about this in the comments section below! Also, don’t forget to join us on our Telegram Channel for more such latest updates and discussions.

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