Companies are changing the way employees work, as Twitter announces employees can work from home ‘forever’, Coronavirus or not!


The Coronavirus pandemic is changing the way employees work in organizations. Companies are allowing people to work remotely from home using remote servers in this pandemic. However, things may change over time. There is a sudden drop in infrastructure growth for companies. Because people are shifting to the new cloud-native architecture. In recent news, Twitter has taken a big decision for all its employees. Seeing the effect of the pandemic, the company has decided to allow all its employees to work from home. But this period has no time limit if they want they can work from home indefinitely.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, sent an email to all of the companies employees mentioning the freedom to work from home forever. This implies that any of the employees can work from home after the pandemic ends.

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Twitter: Work from home indefinitely

The company is the first in the list to make work from home permanent for all its employees. However, some employees may need to come to the office from time to time. These are the people who need to have a physical presence in the office. Employees with work such as maintaining servers, and networks and so on need to come to the office.

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Twitter is one of the first companies to introduce the work-from-home model. But they are definitely the first to implement it permanently. This model will change the way people look at offices entirely. Throughout the passage of time office spaces will become smaller, as more people start following the same.

The coronavirus pandemic did start a revolution in the way people looked at problems. Alongside Twitter and Google, other tech companies such as Facebook have also extended work from home policies until the end of this year.

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