Gorilla Glass

No more worries after dropping your phone! Corning Gorilla glass VIctus is super sturdy

Gorilla Glass
Corning launches new Gorilla Glass Victus which is Super Hard and Super Sturdy

Corning Inc. Gorilla Glass Victus will help your phone survive a 6-foot drop along with a scratch resistance while Samsung will be the first to feature this brand new glass. The very next Samsung Galaxy or iPhone that you will buy will not be a big headache even if you drop them from a significant height.

Gorilla Glass Victus can not only resist a 6-foot drop but is also the first in 6-years to meaningfully improve your phone’s scratch resistivity which helps shrug off disturbing and nasty scratches. Corning’s Gorilla Glass hasn’t gotten much better at resisting coins and keys since 2014’s launch of Gorilla Glass 3. However, the new one offers much more effective resistance.

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Corning Gorilla Glass Victus will save your phone from a tumble

There is no Gorilla glass 7 out in the market, just Victus. Victus can take care of both scratches as well as drops with a very good amount of resistance. The company says that the new glass provides twice as much scratch resistance as the previous version. A victus clad phone will be able to survive up to a 2-meter or 6.5-foot drop. The phone can literally be dropped from your head-height and it will still survive the drop. The question is, do people really do that?

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The company, Corning Inc has gone too far while making the phones this hardy. The new drop resistance is much higher than the currently available Gorilla 5 which is present in all devices. Corning VP and lead Gorilla scientist Jaymin Amin admit that Victus is still not completely pocket-proof.

The phone is still vulnerable to wedges from keys, dirt, sand, metal, and other materials. But, these caveats will still apply to any glass material. Victus is too good to break on the first drop. Unless and until you throw it from your window it will not crack.

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