Coronavirus: Aberdeen University Joins NHS Grampian to Help in Coronavirus Pandemic


The University of Aberdeen is a public research university in Scotland, UK. It is closely linked with NHS Grampian. Which is responsible for providing health and social care services in Scotland.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the NHS Grampian is under pressure due to the piling up of patients. In this chaotic situation, the University of Aberdeen came forward to help the NHS with medical support. They decided to make use of their expertise and fresh resources to assist NHS.

Coronavirus: The Aberdeen University’s Initiative measures in Helping NHS Grampian

The head of the University’s School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition’s professor, Siladitya Bhattacharya took a decision and released an open letter to his colleagues. He has announced that all the clinical workers along with the Health Board will be involved in clinical care to give effective medications and treatments to the COVID-19 victims.

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We all know that the number of coronavirus cases across the world is keeping on increased day by day. In some countries, nearly 800 people die in a single day. This is due to the lack of sufficient medical equipment and staff.

So to control this in Scotland, Siladitya Bhattacharya informed that they have taken several significant steps to support NHS Grampian in medical equipment and staff in COVID-19 testing.

According to the guidance from the General Medical Council (GMC). The university has decided to set the graduation date of the final year medical students much earlier. This decision makes the graduate help at the frontline of medical care during the national effort. This also decreases the availability of medical staff.

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They also make sure that these students have completed their necessary academic requirements before their graduation. Both administrative and technical staffs are helping to increase the board’s capacity for COVID-19 testing.

Robert Gordon University’s Plans and Decisions

Meanwhile, Robert Gordon University has postponed its summer graduation to avoid its students being infected by Coronavirus. But it’s closely working with its final year nursing and midwifery students to develop their skills and to provide services to the people of Scotland.

This university decided to provide degree certificates to all the graduates through the post and assured them to conduct a graduation ceremony in the future based on possibilities.

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