Coronavirus: Apple Provides 10M Mask to Protect Medical Workers from Coronavirus!

Apple Provides 10M Mask to protect from coronavirus

We all know that the US is burdening with nearly 1,17,00 coronavirus cases. The demand for face mask keeps on increasing. Due to a shortage of masks, some health care workers around the country have to disinfect and reuse their masks. They just spray it off with a disinfectant or wipe it off, hoping for the best.

China is the world’s biggest mask suppliers. Due to panic and protective measures the Chinese preserve masks for their own coronavirus infected persons. So this leads to a shortage of masks in the US.

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Some medical community members increased the awareness about personal protective equipment for health care workers. They launched a social campaign #GetMePPE to increase awareness.

We all know that only health care members are capable of treating and curing people out of disease. So what happens when they don’t have sufficient masks to protect themselves?

Apple’s Providing 10 Million Masks to Protect Medical Workers from Coronavirus

To protect and help the health care workers, Apple is donating over 10 million protective masks to the medical community.

The Apple CEO, Tim Cook announced that the Cupertino based tech giant will be using its resources to disseminate the masks to doctors and nurses, who work with COVID-19 patients. He also added that these medical workers deserve our debt of gratitude for all of the work they’re doing on the front lines.

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Recently many tech companies have come forward to offer their helping hands to the medical community. Facebook has announced that it would donate over 725,000 masks for medical workers. Other companies like Ford have transformed production facilities to create additional masks.

California’s Occupational Safety and Health Standard Board adopted a regulation. This is to force employers to provide respiratory equipment for workers, including N95 masks, following last year’s devastating wildfires. So this is the reason behind the accessibility of companies on masks.

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