Coronavirus Clinical research coalition: 3rd World Countries need research assistance to prevent ‘system breakdown’!

Clinical research coalition

The third world countries are badly affected by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Research help is required to find out a possible cure or to avert this deadly virus. A Coronavirus clinical research coalition of around 70 scientists proposes the need to help such poor and developing nations.

The global pandemic is currently hitting hard in Europe and the United States, curbing its health system. Because most of their infrastructure is affected. The global economy is falling down. But there is still a fear of widespread infection in Southern Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. If it happens, it will be more catastrophic. Because none of them have enough medical facility infrastructure to handle such pandemic outbreaks. Currently, there is 600 clinical trials concentrating on COVID-19. The procedures are tracing, testing, treatment, and vaccination respectively.

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How the Coronavirus will affect the poor third world countries?

But the poor countries will be hit worse than ever. Because millions of people already lack access to clean water and proper sanitation. But it does not end here. Many 3rd world countries still face other medical issues. The cholera outbreak is quite common in certain parts of Africa. Moreover, large population density is also a problem. Because in overcrowded urban areas social distancing does not work effectively.

Many health workers lack the necessary equipment to tackle these situations. Some also lack training in handling infectious diseases.  Disrupting daily medical activities just to treat COVID-19 will affect adversely in these areas. Because it will increase the mortality rate both directly and indirectly.

How will the Coronavirus clinical research coalition help?

The Coronavirus clinical research coalition is an unprecedented consortium of scientists, researchers, and public health experts. It will make such medical activities easier for the poor and developing third world countries.

It will also help facilitate approvals for fast track import of medical supplies. But it does not end here. It will also speed up ethical and regulatory reviews, as done in the 2014 Ebola epidemic.

This is accompanied by mass data sharing and dissemination of research work. The fear of health experts is not only about the increased death rate in poor nations. But, this outbreak will also break the country economically. It will increase poverty, poor infrastructure and other communicable diseases.

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The World Food Programme, (WFP) warns that millions of people in the Sahel region of Africa face hunger, as COVID-19 keeps spreading silently. Chris Nikoi, WFP’s West Africa director, says ” The message to the world is clear – look away now and there will be consequences. It will be no less than catastrophic.”

Yes, currently the epicenter is elsewhere, but it does not take much time to shift. If COVID-19 spread in third world nations there will be a catastrophe. Currently, the clinical research coalition is conducting rapid clinical trials. Hopefully, soon there will be a cure for this virus. Till then, stay safe, stay healthy.

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