Coronavirus cure: Gilead study shows Remdesivir may be a potential drug to kill Coronavirus

Gilead, a leading biotech organization in the world claims that its drug is effective to treat Coronavirus. On 29 April 2020 Gilead Sciences published a study to showcase the effectiveness of its new drug. The coronavirus nears 3 million cases now since its emergence in China last year. But having this treatment will have a good positive effect globally. This is because a cure or treatment is way better than vaccines.

Vaccines normally need at least a year to manufacture whereas a medicine will help treat the disease effectively till then. The study is run by the National Institute of Health (NIH). The research tests the remdesivir drug against all usual care drugs administered in about 800 hospitals around the world. The main point of discussion is how long it takes for the patient to recover.

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The Californian biotech company, Gilead, says Remdesivir is among a long list of treatments that are being tested. But Remdesivir proves to be the one with the most efficient and long-running research.

How does Remdesivir help cure Coronavirus?

The head lice drug is normally administered through IV tubes. The drug interferes with the virus’s ability to duplicate the genetic material of the subject. In animals, the drug came out with positive results. Remdesivir was successful in curing both, SARS and MERS related respiratory diseases.

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In humans, the drug helps reduce the severity of symptoms if given early into the course of infection. The NIH study’s main goal is to calculate the time required to help a Coronavirus patient recover. This recovery is to a point where the patient may not need any kind of oxygen support or need for hospitalization. Basically it will help them get fit to a point where no further medical help is necessary.

Gilead is also studying the effect of the drug on moderate to heavily affected Coronavirus patients. Hopefully, the drug will help defeat the Coronavirus pandemic fast. Let us know what you think of this new drug in the comments section.

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