Coronavirus cure: India close to finding a cure as Bharat Biotech develops human monoclonal antibodies to kill COVID-19


India is very close to finding a permanent cure for the Coronavirus pandemic. According to recent reports, the Hyderabad based research firm is working on a new method to eradicate COVID-19. But this is not some kind of a traditional vaccine. Bharat Biotech International Limited is working on developing human monoclonal antibodies which will work as a therapy for COVID-19. Because according to the research report available the firm believes it is on the right path. This project is not a single institute work, because biotech engineers from all around the country are working on this project.

India is currently approaching the 60,000 marks, for active Coronavirus cases. Even though people are trying to come up with drugs and vaccines for controlling the Coronavirus pandemic, it is an expensive and slow process. So, the alternative therapeutic procedure may work wonders if done properly.

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India plays a major role in the fight against COVID-19

Currently, almost 30 national institutions are working to develop a cure Coronavirus. This project helps to look at the problem from a different view. The research helps to produce specific human monoclonal antibodies that are capable of killing the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These kinds of virus-neutralizing antibodies help block the rapid spread of the infection. This is a very effective, cheap, and safe method to kill COVID-19.

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Researchers currently do not have any idea about the correct effectivity of a vaccine in the process. In such situations, it is important to follow a more therapeutic way to solve the problem. Because of this India is trying to develop a powerful cocktail of neutralizing antibodies that can also simultaneously block mutational variants of the virus. They are fast-tracking the development process, to make the antibodies available within the next six months and thus improve the treatment efficacy.

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