Coronavirus cure: Indian Ministry of Health claims the pandemic will be over by September 2020 in India!

Indian Health Ministry officials predict that India will be cured of Coronavirus by September 2020

Unfortunately, India stands at the 5th rank right now in terms of the worst-hit nations by Coronavirus. The country has surpassed Spain in a matter of a few days. However, recent reports from the Indian Ministry of Health show that the pandemic may end by this September. Right now the entire world is asking when will the pandemic end. Researchers are trying to do everything they can in order to fasten the process of coming up with a cure.

But, it turns out that a few senior health officials have an idea of when the disease will end its wrath. In India, Dr. Anil Kumar, General Deputy Director of the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, put forward a prediction in his recent reports. The study published in the Epidemiology International Journal shows that the infection and spreading rate will decrease by September of 2020 in India.

Currently, the Ministry of Health is urging everyone to follow proper social distancing norms in their daily life.

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India will be free from COVID-19 this September

The study takes into consideration the total number of infected and cured people. This ratio is tested as a co-efficient which will reach 100% or 1 when the country will be free from the pandemic. According to Kumar, the Relative Removal Rate has increased from 42% on May 19 to 50% now. It will definitely reach 100% by the middle of September 2020. However, he noted that all the mathematical models are not absolute, and the results also depend upon the quality of data available. The entire study takes into consideration the Bailey Model with a Relative removal rate.

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Even after a well-maintained series of continuous lockdown, India is still seeing new cases every day. With the “Unlock India” program currently in action, many researchers think that the virus may not follow the prediction. This is mainly because the number of cases is rapidly increasing.

Currently, India has many trial vaccine programs going on in several research institutions. Max Healthcare is also showing positive results in their research with hydroxychloroquine. Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our Telegram channel.

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