Coronavirus cure: Irish Researchers invent Robot to help kill Coronavirus!


Our entire planet is currently busy fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. The most important part of eradicating the SARS-CoV-2 virus is disinfecting all contaminated areas. But it is easier said than done. Irish scientists from Dublin have invented a robot to help clean infected areas very fast.

Akara Robotics is a technology startup from Trinity College, London. They successfully built an AI-powered robot that can clean health facilities faster than any human. They are ready to directly help all hospitals as the number of Coronavirus cases slowly escalates.

Robot Violet helps the healthcare facilities by killing harmful germs, viruses, bacterias, and other deadly pathogens. For the healthcare staff, it takes roughly 5 hours to disinfect and sterilize a hospital room. Robot Violet can do the same in less than 2. The robot uses state-of-the-art AI technologies to help it with features.

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Dr. Conor Mc Ginn, the inventor of Violet, is currently performing live tests in hospitals in and around Dublin. Mc Ginn is currently waiting for a microbiology survey which will prove the robot’s effectiveness.

But this does not mean the robot did not do a good job of cleaning.

How can Violet help fight Coronavirus!

The robot uses some very specific deep-cleaning methods. Because the traditional chemical-based solution cleaning has a number of drawbacks. This new robot actually reduces your dependency on any kind of disinfecting solution. Chemical-solution deep cleaning actually requires much more amount of time which is not possible for any hospital to provide.

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But Robot Violet uses a UV germicide radiation which is not harmful to humans and sterilizes hospital areas much faster. The UV radiations are of sufficient wavelengths, enough to kill the germs and pathogens, but less than the amount which will cause harm to humans.

The use of enhanced AI actually helps keep the device safe from humans. Due to it using harmful UV radiations the device automatically shuts down when near human activities.

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