Does Coronavirus spread from mosquitoes? See what Italian researchers say

The research revealed that neither the tiger mosquito nor common mosquito could transmit SARS-CoV-2

Mosquitoes are major household problems all around the world. However, it is an all-time problem in Italy. The country has been facing a lot of coronavirus cases since the beginning. For a long time, people thought that mosquitoes could spread the deadly virus. So, it was important for researchers to confirm any such thing.

However, to their surprise, the reports show something else. Scientists from the Italian National Health council, ISS, studied mosquitoes trying to see if they were vectors or carriers of coronavirus. Turns out, neither the regular nor the tiger mosquitoes are able to spread the disease. The institute released a statement regarding the same on Thursday.

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Research shows mosquitoes do not spread Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation previously proved that there was no evidence that the virus could be transmitted by the blood-sucking insects, which spread dengue and other diseases when they bite humans. This means mosquitoes surely do not spread Coronavirus.

In recent years there have been outbreaks of the West Nile fever detected all around the world, which were believed to have been spread by mosquitos. In Indonesia, recent reports of Dengue outbreak is also a point of concern.

But the latest study, performed in collaboration with IZSVe, a research organization for animal health and food safety, revealed that neither the tiger mosquito nor common mosquito could transmit SARS-CoV-2.

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The research shows that the virus, once given to the mosquito through a meal of infected blood, was not able to replicate the same. This means you are safe from the disease even if an infected mosquito bites you.

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