Coronavirus in US

Coronavirus has now killed 2,500 and 143,250 positive cases in America. Why COVID-19 is spreading in US more than other Countries?

Coronavirus in US

The Novel Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in the United States of America. Killing well over 2,500 people in the country, the virus now threatens mass extinction. America has reported 115,986 positive cases until now. It serves as a grim milestone for the 1st world country. Globally the dead are rising in numbers. Official reports show no stopping in the growth of dead as well as infected.

John Hopkins University maintains live reports of all the Coronavirus cases around the world. Death continues to be a sight in the country’s capital, New York. People are under home-quarantine. New York is the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the USA. 59,648 deaths have occurred here until now due to COVID-19.

Why COVID-19 is spreading rapidly in the US more than other countries?

As the number of individuals affected near 100,000, researchers are trying to understand how it spreads so easily. David Veksler, a structural virologist at the University of Washington in Seattle, says “Understanding transmission of the virus is key to its containment and future prevention”. To infect a human being the COVID-19 virus uses a ‘spike’ protein that attaches itself to human DNA. This procedure becomes easier in areas of highly concentrated populations.

The USA is affected by the fierce spread of the virus due to its poor population distribution. New York, the most populated place has reported the highest cases of COVID-19. Counties showing less population concentration are reporting fewer cases. New York has reported 59,648 cases. Temperature differences also seem to play a role in the spread of the virus. It is not backed by scientific evidence, but the virus seems to be under control in regions of mildly hot climatic conditions.

Also, strict lockdown measures have been placed much later in the USA as compared to other countries. This seems to have played a vital role in making the USA as the epicenter of the virus.

How the USA will battle Coronavirus

At a news conference on Wednesday, New York Governor said, “We still have the trajectory going up. We have not turned the trajectory, nor have we hit the apex”. 143,250 cases are reported in the USA, out of which 59,648 are in New York. Health Department stated 200 deaths in Washington today.

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On Wednesday night, the Senate approved a historic 2 trillion dollar novel coronavirus spending bill which includes direct payments to Americans, increased unemployment insurance policy and several other measures to help those who have lost jobs and try and ease the economic fallout during the crisis. The White House is going to vote on Friday. President Trump is in charge of all administrative duties in The House now.

In other news, a woman fell sick with COVID-19 in Ionia County. She is the first patient with coronavirus in Ionia. Soon enough a second patient with the same disease was reported. The United States’ economic condition worsens under these uneventful occurrences. In these disturbing times, humans must look after each other. We should fight the virus with patience and determination, much like the ‘Great War’.

But people are hopeful for seeing a better light. Hopefully, we will see bright days ahead of us. Bringing balance in daily routine will take time.

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