Coronavirus has Stole the vibrant life from Humans on our earth, people are lockdown with depression!

Earth is lockdown due to coronavirus

Due to coronavirus, we all are being self-isolated and locked in our own home. This action made our earth less vibrant. Usually, our earth is very vibrant due to all the industrial sound by machines, people, and busy roads. But due to the quarantine, we all are locked down, the industries are no longer working, the roads and streets are deserted.

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Seismologists informed as since the measures to curb the spread of the virus is put into place, there has been a noticeable drop in the planet’s seismic noise. This rapid fall in the vibration is also a result of the drop in human activity as well.

Seismology is nothing but the study of vibration on the earth which is measured by an instrument called a seismometer. This instrument is used to notice and measure the vibrations caused by volcano, earthquake, moving of rocks, etc. This helps us to study the geology of our earth.

Coronavirus’ Advantage on Seismology

The only advantage in the drop of earth’s vibration caused by mankind is gained by the seismologist. They can study and note down the vibration of the earth, ocean, volcano much better. Because of the silenced cultural vibration caused by humans. Now spotting the seismic activity may be much easier without the background noises.

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A similar drop was reported by Stephen Hicks, at the U.K’s Imperial College London. On Twitter, he presented graphs showing the fall in average daytime background seismic noise. “It seems quite clear that over the last few days, the increase in noise level at dawn…is much steep than over the past few weeks,” he tweeted. “I guess this due to a  much weaker morning rush hour- fewer people commuting and no school runs.”

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