Coronavirus in China: COVID-19 Lockdown is now Over! New Case dropped to Zero, China is returning on normal condition

COVID-19 Lockdown

China seems to have overcome the dread of Coronavirus pandemic. The virus which made China face a strict lockdown for over 2 months seems to be under control. The Chinese government has finally COVID-19 lockdown after two months of strict imposition. The move is applauded globally. Residents of Hubei province rush to leave the virus epicenter. It seems the worst is over.

China has till now reported a total of 81,285 COVID-19 patients. 3287 have died of the virus. The statistics seem to be under control for the past few days. Beijing ordered the complete lockdown of Hubei in January to contain the spread beyond the province but has been gradually easing rules as numbers have dwindled. The Chinese government is still carrying out disinfection and maintenance work. The industry giant is hopeful to be back on its feet. People need to stand at a distance of 1m from each other. The success of nationwide lockdown in China gives hope to every other country fighting Coronavirus. New cases of virus infections have dropped to 0. This is a positive sign.

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COVID-19 Lockdown over in Wuhan





The country is breathing a sigh of relief, as civilization starts to become normal. The lockdown is still active in Wuhan. April 8 marks the lift of lockdown in Wuhan. Countries like South Korea have countered the pandemic successfully without large-scale quarantines.

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The coronavirus outbreak is slowing down in China. As new infections ease, the world’s industrial giant and labor provider are getting back to work. China’s relatively rapid rebound may provide comfort to other afflicted countries. The Chinese authorities are now allowing people to travel in or out of Hubei as long as they have a “green” health code.  Because “red” code will make other people sick.

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