Summer may help kill Coronavirus, but the Winter will kill you!

Countries with warmer climates and lower latitudes experience fewer cases of the Coronavirus generally

A lot of the recent research work shows how increased temperature helps kill the Coronavirus. However, no one took into consideration the reverse effect of it, until today. A new report released by researchers from Banaras Hindu University in India takes into consideration a report which focuses on the drop in temperature. The researchers have been exploring the relationship between a country’s average temperature and the number of COVID-19 cases.

The team has reportedly found a significant association between countries that have colder climates and potentially a larger outbreak. Therefore, as soon as the mercury drops it is likely that the virus will have a better chance of spreading.

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Coronavirus may become more deadly in the winter

The researchers have intimated that summertime and the warm weather that comes with it will provide the best opportunity for countries, in the northern hemisphere at least, to fight back against the deadly virus. The data for the research was collected between late March and mid-April which found that countries in higher latitudes and colder climates were significantly more likely to have higher numbers of Covid-19 cases.

As a comparison, countries with warmer climates and lower latitudes experience fewer cases of this virus generally. Despite the extensive research, the scientists involved have admitted that the reasons behind the figures could be multi-faceted, and cannot simply be laid at the feet of temperature difference alone. This research takes into consideration only of the many variables of the spreading pattern of Coronavirus.

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