Coronavirus is spreading silently, Reports show asymptomatic COVID-19 is more dangerous

According to research and population surveys, the current statistics of Coronavirus cases are wrong. Conventionally speaking, the knowledge of Coronavirus so far shows that one amongst every 5 patients gets hospitalized. But in reality that may not be the case. Because the spread of this deadly pandemic is beyond our imagination for now. The current kill ratio shows around 0.5-3.5% of infected patients.

But according to current research, this may not be that bad. Because asymptomatic Coronavirus cases are multiplying as we speak. So statistically speaking, it is possible for a large population to stay infected with the Coronavirus. But they are wither in mild conditions or showing no symptoms at all. This new research also points out the fact that some countries may be totally immune to the virus.

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Is the asymptomatic transfer of Coronavirus good for us?

This the main argument point that economists around the world are using to plan an exit strategy from the lockdown. The leading governments throughout the entire world are proposing a lawful massacre of people. The governments are planning to ease up the lockdown in order to expose more people to the COVID-19. Apparently research studies show that this will help gain ‘herd immunity‘.

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But no one is considering the fact that the entire thing lies on the scale of probability. If the scales tip even slightly to the other side, people will die instantly. Lockdown procedures should not be lifted completely just to feed the economic growth of a country. One must remember that without human beings, there is no economy.

It is high time for governments to start focussing solely on finding cures and stop with all these other life-threatening advice. Let us know what is your opinion about this proposed decision in the comment box!

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