Coronavirus Lockdown: ISRO postponed the launch of GISAT-1 due to Coronavirus, the launch was scheduled on this April!


The coronavirus pandemic is causing a big problem for all industries in India. ISRO, the national space agency of India, further pushed the launch of the GISAT-1 imaging satellite. The launch of GISAT-1 onboard the GSLV-F10 aircraft was scheduled for March 5, 2020. But officially there is no revised launch date. The launch date will be rescheduled in due time.

Why was the GISAT-1 launch did not take place in Coronavirus pandemic?

A source said, ” but we cannot launch GISAT-1 due to nationwide lockdown for Coronavirus. Such a big space mission needs a lot of manpower”. No fresh date of launch is in knowledge.

The Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota is the primary launchpad for all satellites in India. The Coronavirus pandemic hit our country like a bad storm. The entire country is on lockdown and the economy is falling. The government also says that the lockdown may not open after 21 days.

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GISAT-1 the earth observation and imaging satellite weighs around 2,275 kilograms. But it also has a life span of 7 years. This satellite also has hyperspectral imagery along with a 700-millimeter Ritchey-Chretien telescope. It will observe the earth and collect data along with a super powerful high-resolution camera.

The satellite will help in a real time observation of our country. Everything will be in a cloud-free environment at frequent intervals. It will also help to monitor natural disasters much faster and keep a constant watch on national borders.

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This satellite will obtain spectral signatures of minerals, agriculture, forestry, disaster warning, cloud properties, and ocean signature studies.

Everyone in this country needs to remain calm in these hard times and fight the Coronavirus.

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