The Coronavirus may not be cured because research shows a lot of similarity with HIV

The Coronavirus pandemic may not be cured as research study shows similarity with immune disorders like HIV

During the beginning of the pandemic, Coronavirus was just another respiratory illness. However, as days progressed it seems like none of it is actually stable observation. This is because the virus affected not only the lungs but also the kidneys, the heart, and somehow even the circulatory system. The disease also affects people’s sense of smell and taste.

Recent research has discovered something very unpleasant. Most of the patients hospitalized with the pandemic have a reduced immune system power. There is a threat of depletion for certain cells, which suggests similar lines with HIV and AIDS.

The findings suggest that there is a popular treatment to tame the immune system in severely ill patients that may help a few but has the potential to harm many others. The research offers clues about why very few children get sick when they are infected, and hints that a cocktail of drugs may be needed to bring the coronavirus under control, as is the case with AIDS.

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Coronavirus Pandemic hurts the immune system like HIV and AIDS

Recent research finds a weird similarity between Coronavirus and HIV which makes it somewhat of an immune system disorder.  Dr. John Wherry, an immunologist at the University of Pennsylvania whose lab is taking a detailed look at the immune systems of COVID-19 patients, says growing research points to very complex immunological signatures of the SARS-CoV-2 virus which is very similar to AIDS.

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All of these similarities bring to our mind a question that if we’ll ever get a cure for Coronavirus. This is because there is still no cure for most of the immune system disorders like AIDS.

In another research study, the researchers were able to identify three patterns of immune defects and concluded that T cells and B cells, which help monitor the immune response, were inactive in roughly 30% of the 71 COVID-19 patients they examined. None of these research papers have yet been peer-reviewed.

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