Coronavirus pandemic leads to changes in sex life! Harvard research shows face mask is a must while having sex

Either refrain from having sex or wear face masks while doing so as Coronavirus pandemic keeps spreading

The current life scenario is changing under the influence of the Coronavirus pandemic. The deadly virus has affected people’s sex lives also. New research from Harvard shows how the virus spreads during sex. Researchers advise about the use of face masks while performing any personal activity such as sex. Though previous research has shown that sperm does not spread the SARS-CoV-19 virus to other humans, still oral transmission remains the worst possibility.

Sexual contact carries a severe risk of virus transmission due to close intimate contact between two people. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic puts a lid on the chance of any oral contact. According to researchers, even if you end up kissing your partner, it will be more than enough to spread COVID-19.

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Face Masks: The new norm in Coronavirus pandemic

A few months back, a group of researches from the University of Utah deemed it safe to have sex while contracting the disease. This was mainly because there was no possibility of people contracting the disease through sexual fluids. But things change with time and so does research. Apparently it turns out that semen is not the only fluid you need to deal with during sex.

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Your saliva becomes a weapon of mass destruction whenever you come close to Coronavirus. Therefore, it is as important to wear a face mask as it is to wear a condom in order to have safe sex in the pandemic. The recent report from Harvard researchers throws light into this topic.

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