Coronavirus pandemic is a new excuse for scientists to make advanced AI Robot

These are the new technology in this Coronavirus struck world which will help scientists find a cure

Scientists are currently trying to figure out an AI-based solution for making a robot that will help cure Coronavirus and help overcome the technical difficulties we are facing. The social distancing policies make it difficult for people to work in the COVID-19 situation. The £100,000 programmable researcher learns from its results to refine their experiments. The pandemic is forcing people to find out more solutions based on robots in order to reduce further human transmission.

A new report by the Royal Society of Chemistry lays out a “post-COVID national research strategy”, using robotics, artificial intelligence, and advanced computing as part of a suite of technologies that “must be urgently embraced” to help socially distancing scientists continue their search for solutions to global challenges.

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The robot will help introduce new AI technology

Today, in the world where scientists also need to limit their time in the lab and maintain social distance from each other, the robot-scientist has come into its own. The AI doesn’t get bored, doesn’t get tired, works around the clock, and doesn’t need holidays, Dr. Burger joked. Many companies including NASA’s very own space agency is busy building humanoids for a more advanced world.

On a more serious note, he said that the robot had transformed the speed at which he could carry out research. “It can easily go through thousands of samples,” he said, “so it frees up my time to focus on innovation and new solutions.” Like robotics designed for research in Space, machines like this could also take on riskier experiments, in harsher laboratory environments or using more toxic substances.

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