Coronavirus Scotland: Clinical Director Leitch warns Scotland of a month’s extended lockdown!


Coronavirus Scotland

Scotland’s Clinical Director, Jason Leitch says Scotland will face another month of lockdown, even before the prospect of lifting it. He believes it will be at least one more month before strict restrictions are lifted. Leitch insists people have to ‘behave’ over the oncoming warm-weather weekend. As Coronavirus keeps destroying livelihoods, the Scottish government braces for an even longer lockdown period.

Just having mathematical statistics does not help in identifying threat levels. Working up from ground zero with real-time data improves accuracy, says Leitch. The prospect of restricted impositions lifted by the month-end is misleading.

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Because The Scottish people are sticking to the rules well. But the weekend is a rather traditional start of “Easter Holidays“, still people have to cancel mass gatherings. No street parties, no grand fiestas. Scotland is not very lucky. Leitch says the only way numbers stay down, is if people listen to the rules. One must remember the potency of this virus. Because the novel Coronavirus has been out in the world only for 4 months.

Currently, 41 people have died of Coronavirus in Scotland.

When will Scotland be free of Coronavirus?

Leitch hopes that better weather will improve conditions. Over the seasons the virus’s effect will subside, and everything will be back to normal. But here is the twist. The question still remains, will it ever be normal?

Other coronaviruses tend to not like warm temperatures. Leitch says, ” We are hopeful that rising temperatures in the northern hemisphere, probably in Scotland, might reduce its infectiousness. But no risk can be taken until this is proven scientifically”. The global population currently stands at around 4 billion. Almost half of the world is in complete lockdown.

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Nicola Sturgeon is the First Minister of Scotland. She has addressed her people, not to go out in the public. Self-quarantine is still the best defense against Coronavirus.

Mrs. Sturgeon also announced a new campaign called “Scotland Cares” to recruit volunteers to help with the coronavirus crisis.

Volunteers can register using the website, where they are given options such as being a returning health or care worker.

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