Coronavirus truth revealed by Chinese military officer, virus is a bioweapon and US was also aware, the whole shocking & real story

Coronavirus truth

The coronavirus (COVID-19) originated from China that is spreading destruction all over the world. Many theories have emerged about how the coronavirus has developed. But till now it has not been completely clear what the virus is and how it originated.  But the Coronavirus truth has been raised by the Chinese military intelligence officer.  What he has revealed is very shocking.

Keeping his identity a secret, the officer has revealed the real truth about the coronavirus, which has infected millions of people worldwide. He told that China is lying about the Coronavirus, if the truth comes out, it can overthrow the government.

Coronavirus truth: China wanted to spray this bioweapon on Hong Kong protesters

Yes, You heard right, who was a member of the Communist Party of China, exposed the Xi Jinping government. People will be shocked by the story he told about the coronavirus.  The official said that Xi Jinping wanted to calm the performance in Hong Kong.  They wanted to spray bioweapon on the protesters with the help of helicopters. The biological agent on which it falls would become mentally deranged or change its behavior.

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The article writing officer was also part of that project in China. According to the official, China stopped the project because Hong Kong’s performance was closely watched by the whole world. Spraying such a biological agent could be very dangerous. If this were done, the attention of the whole world would come to this. Therefore, China found a different dangerous way.

Biological agent tested on Islamic fundamentalists

Coronavirus truth

China first chose Islamic fundamentalists to test this bioweapon. China tested it at a training camp in Jinjiang province. When China tested this dangerous agent on people’s bodies, the results were frightening. The bodies of people in which this biological agent was injected started melting.

According to a Chinese official, the Intelligence Agency of America had also received the news of this bioweapon and the CIA was also showing interest in it. The US had already known the news of the virus being prepared in China’s lab. America wanted to buy this virus from China. But this deal did not happen between them.

America also wanted to take this bioweapon from China

The official said, ‘Our American friends also showed interest in the virus.  We have good relations with the CIA but because it was very dangerous, we refused.

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The CIA felt that China was making a very powerful thing and wanted to keep it a secret.  The American Intelligence Agency offered a large sum of money to a Chinese researcher and demanded the virus. The researcher agreed to this and prepared a sample of the voice for the US agency.

Secretly US agent did the deal

When the US agent was doing a deal with the researcher, the government was aware of this. There was also a shootout to catch the researcher and the US agent. But the agent managed to escape. This firing occurred near the animal market. The bottle that contained the sample of the virus fell there.

Bats were brought in to hide the coronavirus truth

Bats were brought in to hide the Coronavirus truth

This is why the virus spread in Wuhan. China tried to hide it by saying that it spreads through bats. China lied to the people that only the flu has spread in Wuhan, but gradually the whole world was hit by the virus that China had created in its lab.

But in the end, this virus has spread in the whole world, As of now there is 886,495 positive case and 44,249 died with this Virus. I know you may be shocked after reading this story please let me know below on our comment box.

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