Coronavirus United States: Panola County reports 2 more COVID-19 cases today, jumps the total number of cases in county to 20!


The United States of America is fighting a gruesome battle against the deadly Coronavirus. Today, 2 residents of the Briarcliffe Skilled Nursing Home died due to the Coronavirus. The total number of COVID-19 cases have now jumped to 20 in Panola County. Judge LeeAnn Jones says the number of deaths is now 3 including 2 from the senior division.

But this rise in count arises an alarming situation throughout the county. Judge Jones extended the shelter in place order till April 30 matching with Governor Greg Abbott’s order. This order states that all people in Panola County need to stay at home unless an emergency arises or for any essential activities. Because they hope it will stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

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Judge Jones requests people to wear masks. If they do not have an N95 mask then they can make a mask using a cloth. But that mask needs to be washed at regular intervals. The Briarcliffe Nursing home has not yet released any official information about the new Coronavirus cases. Full confidentiality is maintained by the authorities.

As of today, the Panola County Nursing Homes are under the order of the “Phase 3” management plan. This is published on the Hospital’s website.

Phase 3 management plan to overcome Coronavirus

  1. Dynamic occupant cases lead to either put the infected resident(s) in quarantine on an assigned unit or send them for hospitalization upon any seriousness.
  2. Dynamic worker cases lead us to send the infected employee(s) home for 14 days of self-quarantine, and we do not permit an arrival to work without 2 negative tests inside 24 hours of one another.
  3. We are performing progressive visit screening and observing for signs and side effects of any respiratory ailments like SARS. With every one of our residents and staff on active duty every day.
  4. We have worked industriously to get early access to testing. Any inhabitants with side effects will undergo the Coronavirus test. Representatives have the most cutting-edge data with respect to network testing.
  5. Any flat-mate who lives with an infected COVID-19 case is undergoing the test. They will be in quarantine in a different room and will live there for 14 days according to the CDC rules.

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The Medical Director and junior doctors know about the plan, just as the Health Department and state review office. Authorities are following the directions just as all past direction from the CDC and CMS. Rigorous Coronavirus testing will help to quarantine infected individuals faster.

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