Coronavirus Update: lockdown can be Extended after 17 May as cases are increasing faster, India crossed 52,400 and almost 2000 death


According to the last received notifications India is on lockdown till May 17. But the real question is what will happen after that. Is the country going to extend the lockdown further? Or will there be a mild lockdown followed by a clear cut exit strategy? According to the new guidelines received the country may look towards lifting the Coronavirus lockdown partially. However, the rise in deaths all over the country is a point of concern behind this plan. With almost 2,000 Indians dead, and around 52,400 infected the country needs to act fast to save itself from going into permanent damage.

According to the new guidelines daily update needs to occur to maintain the 3 separate infection zones. The green zone, orange zone, and red zone system seems to be working well for our country at the moment. The rate of infections is decreasing slowly.

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Coronavirus Lockdown extension

The countrywide lockdown is not going to be ending soon. But some restrictions will be lifted in order to secure a small portion of the nation’s economy. Shops falling in green zones, and orange zones will start opening from 17 May in between 10 AM and 6 PM under strict supervision.

Recently the government received some harsh remarks due to the decision of opening wine shops. But, doing that actually generated a little bit of revenue. Medical shops, construction material shops like cement, steel, agriculture, and other repair shops will also be open.

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Private organizations may continue to work in green and orange zones, but attendance should be below 33%. The rest of the staff need to continue work from home. All organizations and shops need to follow social distancing guidelines. Hopefully, the lockdown will be over soon. You will receive all official notifications on the following website.

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