Coronavirus USA: Massachusetts becoming new Coronavirus hotspot as America almost crossed 793,000 case and 42, 518 deaths


The Coronavirus pandemic started its first infection in the United States since January 21, 2020. Till now it has claimed nearly 50,000 lives and has infected almost a million Americans. On April 12, 2020, the United States of America was declared as a nation with the highest deaths due to COVID-19. But signs show betterment in statistics as the curve of death flattens out. But this curve pattern is not the same throughout the country.

Everyday some or the other state is becoming a home to new Coronavirus cases. According to the recent summary report of CDC, Massachusetts is the new epicenter of Coronavirus in the USA after a death toll of 1200 people. 200 new deaths add to the total last Sunday, bringing the number up to 1500 deaths. The intervention of proper methods needs to be there by the CDC.

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How is the Administration aking care of the Coronavirus?

Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States of America is administering the Boston area himself. Dr. Deborah Birx, the federal coronavirus coordinator, says, officials will take care of all new Coronavirus cases and help flatten the curve. In response to the rise in Coronavirus cases, health officials across the country are emphasizing social distancing orders.

Currently, a large percentage of the COVID-19 cases are near Massachusetts. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts are currently in the observation list. As of April 20, 2020, almost 55% of deaths related to the virus are from these areas. Even though New York is approaching a flatter curve, it reported 8,000 cases on an average till April 20.

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The government advises keeping following social distancing strategies. The flat growth curve of the Coronavirus infection does not mean that the virus has vanished. It just means that social distancing is helping lower the spread of the virus.

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