COVID-19 can finally be stopped from spreading, UK Scientists develop test kit to detect Coronavirus in water!

COVID-19 test

UK Researchers and developers are currently working on a test-kit to help identify waterbodies carrying the virus. The wastewater communities are prone to such spread. Because COVID-19 is present in urine and fecal matter of humans. The Cranfield Water Science Institute in the UK says this approach will provide an effective way to predict the potential spread of the virus. Because it will pick up signatures of it in feces and urine from disease carriers that enter water systems.

The research, published in a journal, Environmental Science & Technology, notes the rapid test-kits which detect such water bodies. The test kit might also help prevent other SARS-CoV epidemics in the future.

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How does the test kit work?

Paper analytical devices are easy to stack, store and transport because they are thin and lightweight, and can also be incinerated after use, reducing the risk of further contamination.

The study shows, the device has the potential to be used as a small, portable tool to detect SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater on-site and to track virus carriers in the community. SARS disease is an effect of increased pollution. The paper device is folded and unfolded in steps to help filter the genetic material of pathogens from wastewater samples.

A biochemical reaction takes place. This detects the presence of any pathogen. But, that is not it. The test kit also has the ability to detect cholera and other diseases.

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Polluting wastewater communities with the pathogen is also a sign of a bioweapon. But, COVID-19 might not be the case. Either way, this is a positive sign for humanity. Detecting such wastewater communities will play a big role in curing the virus. For now, we should thank these scientists for finding out a way to stop the spread of Coronavirus. This should stop the deadly virus from spreading further.

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