COVID-19 cure: Scientists from Netflix series ‘Pandemic’ on their way to finding a cure for COVID-19

COVID-19 cure
Dr. Jacob Glanville

A California based scientist, Dr. Jacob Glanville claims to have found a cure for Coronavirus. He plays the role of a doctor in popular web-series ‘Pandemic‘ on Netflix. COVID-19 cure is on its way. Jacob’s team in the Bay Area is working round the clock to come up with a cure or shot for COVID-19. On 30th March 2020, he claims to have found one.

Dr. Glanville says, ” We are happy to announce we have completed the engineering and we have some very potent antibodies that can be effective against the virus”. This vaccine is potentially a universal flu vaccine. Sarah Ives is another researcher in Jacob’s team.

It took a series of five antibodies from around 2002 which was able to neutralize SARS. They were able to use technology in the laboratories to evolve those antibodies against SARS to adapt them to recognize COVID-19.

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They tried with five different antibodies because they weren’t sure which one would work with the maximum efficiency. All five worked. So the cure might just be on its way.

Would the COVID-19 cure be a pill or a shot?

It will be delivered as a shot. Potent drugs are required in less amount because of their potency. So it will be an injection. The next steps include trials on humans.

He said, “We are sending the antibodies to the military for confirmation testing and to Charles River Laboratories for safety and tox characterization. We’ve partnered with two different companies that will help us scale up to large batches of the antibody for production. We’re in discussions to start humane phase one/two trials that would happen at the end of the summer.”

The coronavirus cure might come out soon. Till then follow quarantine measures. Self-quarantined has proved to be the best fighter against COVID-19. Stay home, stay safe.


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