COVID 19 cure underway: Patients in New Hampshire given vaccine under trial!

COVID 19 cure

As the Coronavirus keeps spreading in the USA, doctors, and researchers in New Hampshire are working to find a cure. Medication to slow the progression of the COVID-19 cure is now underway at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Some COVID-19 patients at DHMC are receiving ‘remdesivir‘. Doctors say it will help sustain the virus. The researchers at the hospital are working with more than 90 clinical sites around the world in this trial.

Leigh Burgess, vice president of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Research Operations, says, “It is our priority and we work on the studies to make sure it is going to open as fast as we could get it to open. Because we can have it as an option for our patients.”

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The doctors say the anti-viral drug was developed during the ebola outbreak. But it has the potential to help patients suffering from COVID-19. Richard Zuckerman, the principal investigator, says “there are really very limited treatment options. But remdesivir is the most promising treatment option according to the World Health Organization.”

25 nurses are now giving ‘remdesivir’ to patients suffering from COVID-19. The goal is to evaluate the effectiveness of the drug in patients with moderate and severe coronavirus disease.

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“I’m hopeful that within the next few weeks we are going to have some preliminary results so that Gilead can start analyzing the data and making decisions with the FDA, of course, about whether or not this medication will be made available for the general public,” Zuckerman said.

WHO asked doctors about how many patients are receiving this medication, but they couldn’t specify at this time. The COVID-19 cure is still under process. Hopefully, it will show positive results.

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