COVID-19 Italy: 101 Years Old Italian Man Recovered from Coronavirus!!

COVID-19 Italy-101 Years Old Italian Man Recovered from Coronavirus

We all know, Italy is terribly affect by a coronavirus. It reports nearly 9,134 people died due to COVID-19 in Italy. Italy grabs second next position to America in the number of COVID-19 cases with more than 86,000 people tested positive with COVID-19.


We all know that 85% of the death cases from COVID-19 are people, who are older than 70 years. This is due to their old body and weak immunity due to old age. Most of the old people struggle to fight against coronavirus. But it has changed when a 101 years Old Italian man recovered from coronavirus. He has recovered after a short stay of one week in the hospital from coronavirus.

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101 Years Old Italian Man Recovers from COVID-19

It comes to know that this 101 years old Italian man, Mr. P belongs to a place called Rimini in northeast Italy. He was born in 1919 during the outbreak of Spanish flu, which took the lives of nearly 50 million people. This is more than the people who had died during the first world war.

Unlike coronavirus which took mostly the life of old people, Spanish flu killed most of the youngsters.

The deputy mayor of Rimini, Gloria Lisi said that Mr. P is released this week and sent to his family after his recovery from COVID-19. Now Mr. P is one of the old people who made alive from coronavirus.

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Ms. Lisi also stated that Mr. P has witnessed everything from hunger, pain, progress, crisis, and resurrections. This shows his long experience with life.

The oldest person to recover from coronavirus is 103 years old, Zhang Guangfen. She is a woman living in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the outbreak started.

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