COVID-19 Pandemic: Spain faces critical medical crisis as Coronavirus spreads across Europe!

COVID-19 Pandemic: Coronavirus in Spain

The dreadful COVID-19 pandemic is spreading across the European continent like wildfire. Spain currently stands with 85,195 infected patients and 7,340 died. Fatality is also rising. Ana Gimenez said hospital beds have run out. But the government is trying to bring in beds from nearby countries. Hospitals have run out of critical health supplies like protective suits, beds, and even medicines. Ana Gimenez is an emergency room doctor at Spain’s Infanta Leonor Hospital.

Spain boasts a fantastic health system. But, now it is overloaded. Because of coronavirus, Spain’s health system infrastructure is completely destroyed. Worldwide 770,165 patients have fallen sick with COVID-19 pandemic. Only P3 masks are available. P3 masks, used for several days now. But, P3 masks stay active only for a few hours.

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Coronavirus is destroying Spain. Medicine shortage is a critical problem. The European nations are collapsing due to the virus. Coronavirus treatment is still a long way due.

Patients are not receiving medicines properly. This might suddenly spike the number of infected. Fatality is also expected to be on the rise. The government is taking every measure it can to bring control. Germany is helping Italy by taking in some of its patients. But patient transport is not on grounds. Special quarantined heli carriers are transporting patients. Hopefully, such support will be shown in Spain.

Currently, the shortage of medicine needs to be addressed. The World Health Organisation is providing as much medicine as they can to Spain.

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