COVID-19 will soon go away as WHO may have a cure for the virus

Coronavirus will be eradicated very soon as WHO says PLpro will help in vaccine

Scientists have finally been able to make a significant breakthrough in how the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus is able to infiltrate the human cells. This helps them produce proteins that actually spreads throughout the human body. The pandemic has helped increase the effectiveness of medical science and improve the quality of the vaccine. Since the official announcement of a pandemic from the World Health Organization researchers across the world have been contributing to the research and inform public health policy and treatment options.

Dedicated research from an international team o people in Frankfurt Germany as well as collaborating with Goethe University researchers and the Max Planck Institute of BioPhysics has resulted in a belief that they have been able to make a significant breakthrough in discovering how the SARS-CoV-2 virus infects humans and provokes protein secretion.

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PLpro protein influences the spread of COVID-19

The main culprit behind the entire process of COVID-19 infection is the protein called PLpro or Papain-like protease. This protein is mainly responsible for duplicating the viral DNA in the human body which is the main reason why the disease is spreading like wildfire all around the world.

Messenger substances called type 1 interferons which attract killer T-cells that destroy the cell. The SARS-CoV-2 virus has been shown to be very effective at limiting the body’s non-specific immune response while increasing the production of PLpro protein. This actually causes internal damage to your body. The scientists have been able to understand that blocking PLpro itself will help reduce the damage of the virus.

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The COVID-19 infection will be soon removed from the world as WHO is currently researching a vaccine that will help inhibit the release of this protein. This inhibition of protein will lead to the proper abolishing of COVID-19.

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