Dame Jean Macnamara has honored with a Google Doodle for her Dedicated Work for the Discovery of Polio

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Google has honored Dame Jean Macnamara who was a medical scientist and Australian doctor with a Google Doodle on her 121st birthday. Whose contributions to the study of polio were immemorable.

Macnamara applied her tireless work ethic to better understand and treat various forms of paralysis including polio. As a result, it was her work that helped her leading to the development of a polio vaccine in 1955. Which helped to put an end to that pandemic.

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Her parents were Victorian-born. Her dad was a clerk named John Macnamara, and mom was Annie. According to Smith, Macnamara’s parents came from different religious backgrounds. Her father was Catholic, and her mother was a Presbyterian. She was influenced by both but raised in her mother’s religion.

Dame Jean Macnamara and her Research on Polio

Google Doodle honores Dame Jean Macnamara to develop Polio vaccine

In 1907, Macnamara’s family moved to Melbourne. She won a scholarship to Presbyterian Ladies’ College.

She attended the University of Melbourne eventually becoming a resident medical officer at a Melbourne Hospital.

A Polio Epidemic Struck Melbourne and the Illness Became Macnamara’s Life Work.

Macnamara’s graduation from medical school in 1925 coincided with a polio epidemic in Melbourne. According to Polio’s place, she was both a consultant and medical officer to the Poliomyelitis Committee of Victoria.

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As a result, Dame Jean Macnamara began focusing her research on polio, especially because it was a problem for children. In 1931, she, and later Nobel Prize winner Sir Macfarlane Burnet, identified more than one strain of poliovirus. This helped pave the way for a vaccine 25 years later.

We hope to find a person like Macnamara to find a cure to COVID-19 in our future.

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