Dengue outbreak causes panic in Indonesia as cases rise to 68,000 amid Coronavirus pandemic!

Dengue has infected almost 68,000 people by now in Indonesia in between the COVID-19 pandemic

Indonesia is currently going through a very distressing time. The country is facing a tough time having to fight dengue and coronavirus pandemic at the same time. The viral infection which is spread by mosquitoes has raved Indonesia since January 2020. The disease has infected almost 68,000 people till now while 446 of them have died. The world is having to battle a new threat along the side of COVID-19. New research, however, showed that you can kill coronavirus by just going to the beach.

Till now there is no cure for Coronavirus as well as dengue. This means that none of these diseases have a readymade vaccine. So, it becomes hard to treat such medical issues. Doctors normally treat their patients symptomatically.

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Dengue outbreak affects Indonesia after COVID-19 pandemic

The current weather conditions along with the hot and humid conditions are increasing the number of mosquitoes. This, in turn, causes a lot of problems. Mainly because most of the people are at home which gives space to ample breeding grounds for mosquitoes. This also increases the rate of susceptibility to the disease. This is another reason why we get to hear news about the disease reaching its peak in Indonesia. The lockdown has its own set of good and bad effects. However, no one considered that it can give rise to another epidemic situation.

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New research shows that the combination of dengue along with Coronavirus is harmful to the world. The mosquito-borne disease is one of the most dangerous viral infections that claims thousands of lives every year. Mosquitoes have been our enemy for a long time now. The disease is quite common in Southeast Asia. If not treated the disease can cause lung and heart damage.

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