Depression is not only for celebrities! The falling economy due to the lockdown will affect mental health of millions

Mental Health
Depression is a problem for everyone as people promise to stand strong during the current economic downfall in the pandemic

The current times of pandemic are very hectic in terms of mental pressure for everyone. With the global economy crashing in front of our eyes, 2020 is slowly becoming the official year of sadness. Coronavirus, the black death of the 21st century is slowly destroying livelihoods of millions now. At such a point in time, it becomes important to discuss our mental health. However, we live in a world where people think it is not so much important to talk about depression until some celebrity passes away.

This is not the first time people came out talking about depression after the death of an Indian celebrity figure. The recent death of Indian Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput came as a shock to everyone amid the coronavirus pandemic. People immediately went on social media to talk about depression and mental health conditions. However, these interactions are only make-believe and people forget such instances soon enough. In 2017, after the death of Chester Bennington, people swore to help each other go through such problems together. Where did it bring us? Another person quitting his life.

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The economy crash will affect the mental health of millions

The Coronavirus lockdown will be the end of many people’s careers out there. Daily wage workers are the ones who are hit badly. The source of income is almost closed for the majority of the people there. Coronavirus lockdown is the main reason for many job losses in the current market. Stock markets have also shared the same fate. People are no longer able to rake in the money they could.

The research finds that people with experience of mental health problems would be three times as likely to run out of money within a week if they lost their main source of income. In a time when celebrities are suffering from depression, we can’t even imagine what is going on inside the minds of normal human beings. The common man is the worst sufferer of the lockdown.

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However, people need to stand strong together. Once the lockdown is over everything will be back to normal hopefully. It will not happen instantaneously, but with time, things will be okay definitely.

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