Did China not learn its lesson? Wet Markets, the origin of Coronavirus reopens as WHO urges to close any Wildlife market!


The Coronavirus pandemic may be a result of contamination from a pangolin or bat. Scientists are still not sure which of these can transmit the viral RNA to a human. But, one thing is for certain that the place of the origin of Coronavirus remains the infamous Wet Market in Wuhan, China.

Dr. David Nabarro, an epidemiologist, says ” almost 75% of all diseases come from animals. Most of it lies in consuming wildlife from wet markets around the world. ” The World Health Organization keeps requesting all countries to close the “dangerous” wet markets. But China seems to be oblivious to this fact.

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Wet Markets: The Coronavirus story

The Communist country has once again shown its adamance even in times of a raging pandemic. Currently, lockdown is lifted in China. This means people are back to their daily business. In the wet and dark alleys of Wuhan, lies the soul to this deadly pandemic- The Wet Market. The Wet Market sells everything, from dogs to cats to squids to bats. These delicacies may seem harmless, but under this whitewash lies a dark history.

The wet market is notorious for selling dead and rotten wildlife meat. They often use many chemicals to hide this fact. This shady business scheme runs around with the support of the Chinese government. Meat bought from here have often caused many other diseases. But after the Coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan finally closed it. People thought that it is finally closed for good.

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But that was not the case. Because as soon as the lockdown was lifted the wet market started reopening. Truth be told, it is the source of income for many families. When started back in the 1980s it was the most sought out food source despite many stores and malls.

This means that the market generated enough revenue to keep people employed. This was the golden point for China. People started getting in the wildlife business like cats and dogs.

The Chinese government has taken many steps to cleanse these markets. But, who are we kidding? We know how the process works. Anyway, the World Health Organization has passed an order regarding closing all wet markets immediately. And I hope the Chinese government takes the right decision. It is never too late until it is.

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