Did you see the solar eclipse this June from your home? Here’s how it looked from the space!

Solar eclipse
The annular solar eclipse of 2020 looked more wonderful from space than from Earth, reports NASA

The entire planet observed the first solar eclipse of 2020 last Sunday. On June 21, the Earth, Moon, and the Sun aligned in a straight line for 6 hours. This gave rise to the annular solar eclipse which showed the beautiful ‘Ring of Fire. People shared breathtaking images and videos of the event from their balconies and terraces. Some countries were able to see the entire event while others missed the glorious event due to poor weather conditions.

The annular solar eclipse was the year’s first solar event. Previously, the Strawberry moon lunar eclipse of June 6 was equally beautiful. The solar eclipse was so beautiful to look at from Earth. One can only imagine how beautiful the event looked from space. A NASA astronaut living and working in space and a number of weather satellites caught the event as the moon’s shadow passed over the earth’s surface.

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Annular Solar Eclipse 2020: How it looked from space

NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy shared the super cool view of the Annular Eclipse which passed by their starboard side as they flew over China in the morning. A ‘ring of fire’ or annular eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and earth. But, unlike a total eclipse, the moon isn’t close enough to earth to block the sun’s visible disk.

Other satellites captured the eclipse from a much higher altitude. Russia’s Elektro-L No.2 weather satellite spotted an interplay of shadows. In the end, one can understand the beauty of space events as seen from outside Earth.

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