Do we need to wear mask even after the Coronavirus passes? Study suggests the same to prevent another pandemic!


The Coronavirus pandemic spreads through direct human contact. But the best way to overcome this is social distancing and wearing masks. For now, wearing masks is compulsory throughout the planet. But there is no surety of a mask preventing coronavirus spread completely. Still, it helps curb most of the spread.

In South Africa, the Coronavirus pandemic has killed almost 2,500 people. Medical researchers from the University of Cape Town have advised the national government to make mask-wearing compulsory. They believe it will help “flatten the spread”.

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Coronavirus is fast and silently moving pandemic. No knowledge about the virus is fool-proof and new information is emerging on a daily basis. In such a situation it is important to save people in the most effective way. But vaccines or cure is not coming out soon. So it is necessary for all countries to declare wearing a mask as a compulsory activity.

Chart showing the spread of virus while wearing masks!

Does wearing a mask help stop pandemics like Coronavirus?

In India, the Tamil Nadu, Orissa, and Punjab government took a decision to announce the compulsion of wearing a mask. It is as important as wearing a helmet while riding a bike, maybe more. Study shows that if everyone wears make the spread of the virus will slow down to a steady point.

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Some countries are also trying to include wearing masks as a compulsory health guideline in their public health policies. This is a very positive move. Because wearing masks will help any and all types of direct transmission disease in the future. But at this point, people need not buy masks. They can make one from a piece of cloth and use it by washing it with disinfectants regularly.

The best practice to ensure no pandemics in the future is to wear masks as a compulsory measure.

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