Do you brush your teeth every morning? Leading Dentist say brushing your teeth helps to Coronavirus


Recent research has shown that maintaining good dental hygiene helps prevent Coronavirus. Dentists claim that brushing your teeth every morning will help you protect against COVID-19. This is mainly because Toothpaste contains the same chemical compounds as that of a hand-wash. Therefore, these chemicals act as a barrier in your mouth for nearly five to six hours.

Brushing your teeth every day is very important even without the COVID-19 pandemic around. It helps create a potential medical barrier that helps prevent various germs and diseases. People nowadays take oral hygiene very lightly. This is one of the main reasons why epidemics turn into pandemics.

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Brush your teeth to prevent Coronavirus

According to lead researcher Martin Addy, a 2-minute of teeth brush before going somewhere will help prevent catching and spreading any disease. Everyone has been made aware of the importance of washing hands and how it helps control the spread of disease. But no one talks about oral hygiene which is directly related to Coronavirus. It is surprising that people don’t talk about such trivial issues. According to him, no one emphasizes the importance of oral well being in public.

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Research shows that brushing your teeth is as important as wearing masks in public. The antimicrobial action of the toothpaste lasts for almost 6 hours in the mouth. This helps reduce the overall viral load in our saliva. It also helps prevent infections by preventing the entry of the virus through our mouths.

If people want to make this procedure more effective, they can brush their teeth whenever they are leaving home. This will help maximize the time of effectivity. Brushing your teeth is a healthy habit no matter what. Make sure you make this a regular activity.

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